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We provide estimates based on your needs

We estimate based on: Lawn Size, Cost Per Application, Mowing Estimate, Aerification Estimate, Weed Control Estimate and Snow Removal.

Are Estimates Free? Residential & Commercial estimates are free and provided after an analysis of the lawn and the client needs.

Boone’s lawn care also offers these services!

Lawn Mowing: Residential & Commercial | Seeding & Overseeding Lawns | Sod Laying | Core Aerification | Spring & Fall Cleanups | Mulch | Bush Trimming | Lawn Care Treatments | Fertilizing | Dethatching | Landscape Bed Maintenance | Outdoor Christmas Landscape Lighting

  • Spring Crabgrass Pre-Emergence

    This application is applied in early spring to prevent the germination of crabgrass and goosegrass weeds. This also has slow release nitrogen. This application is applied in Early March - Early May.

  • broadleaf control & feed

    This application is applied in spring when the Broadleaf weeds start to appear. I apply a weed & feed granular and a post emergence weed spray to knock down any weeds. This application is applied: Early May - and on.

  • Grub Control

    This application is applied in mid-summer when insects lay eggs in your lawn. Insects lay their eggs in lawn this time of year and then they hatch and larvae feed on your lawns. This application kills the insects before they cause damage. This application is applied late June - Early August.

  • root rejuvenator & summer recovery

    Fertilizer with slow release Nitrogen to help give the lawn a boost from the hot summer months. It promotes root growth and development. Aerification is recommended with this application. This application is done in Early September - October.

  • winterizer

    Winter Fertilization promotes food and water storage going into winter months and continues to feed lawn and in spring will give lawn a quick green up. This application is applied in November - December around last mowing of the season.

  • Service Area

    We proudly serve all of Henry County in Illinois as well as the Quad Cities area in both Illinois and Iowa for all of our lawn care and maintenance services as well as snow removal. Call to get a free quote on our services today or CLICK HERE.